False Call Came in to Dcfs Arkansas. Dcfs Filed False Report to the Court. They Took Kids With Out Warrant.?

Question by Shawn: false call came in to dcfs Arkansas. dcfs filed false report to the court. they took kids with out warrant.?
can dcfs take your kids with out a warrant in the state of Arkansas? if there is know life threaten problems? failed drug test went to rehab i have done everything on case plan.. its been 17mths and they havent fallowed there court orders.. they have moved my kids 3 or 4 times to different foster homes.. what can i do to get my kids back?? i no they have volated many cival rights. they didnt get exparta order till 5 days later
yeah i no its 72 hours but they went past the 72 hour process before the got it signed. it was 5 days and we didnt get a hearing untill 10 days later. they took them cause my wife failed a drug test for med that she been on since she was 15 years old and they never sent it off to make sure it was dirty

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Answer by Taydoo
I think there are a few questions here.

1: Can dcfs take your kids with out a warrant in the state of Arkansas? I don’t live in Arkansas but in most states, yes. They must go to court within a set period of time, usually 72 hours, and argue before a judge why they took the children, but yes, they can take without a warrant.

The other part of the question, if I understand you correctly, is why you can’t get them back after 17 months of following your case plan. This I just don’t know enough to answer for you but you should have a court appointed attorney. Find him and ask! You are coming up fast on your the period of time (18 months) when most states will file to terminate your parental rights so don’t put this off. Call your attorney, call your case worker, make sure you find out what is happening and fight if you still want your kids.

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