How Long Will It Take for Women to Become Comfortable Enough in Their New Found Equality?

Question by Earl Obama: How long will it take for women to become comfortable enough in their new found equality?
When will young women disregard this notion that they can raise children the right way, while working full-time, all by themselves? When in reality it is some stranger at some daycare center who is truly raising your children. When will they take responsibility for the dysfunction of their own children and stop blaming the father’s that they summarily dismissed so long ago. When will they realize that with equality comes responsibility, and if this guy is not the man of your dreams now, he probably won’t be after baby is born. How long will this transformation take I wonder? How many prisons must we build before single mothers start to realize that 85% of career felons come from single mother homes. When will they realize that although they themselves may be happy and successful at their careers, that their children are paying the price and that they are failing the next generation?

@ Douche-bags who will say what statistics have I used, How about you first look up the correlation between single mothers and :drug abuse, teen pregnancy, suicide, criminality, teen abortion…And the list goes on and on. YOU look it up I’ve done my research. And then after you have learned something you can go back to watching Fox-News.
@ everybody…the answers to this one were just so profound that I can’t pick a best so I will leave i up to Yahoo.

Best answer:

Answer by Eliot K
How sure are you that single mothers are feminists?

My bet is that feminists get pregnant when they plan to get pregnant, and that 90% of single mothers are traditional women with no grasp of feminism.

Women do NOT have equality in the US. The anti-woman (pro-life) campaign is getting stronger.

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