How Am I Going to Find Addiction Treatment Centers in Poway, California?

Question by deisy c: How am I going to find addiction treatment centers in Poway, California?
I need to find an addiction treatment center for my friend. Her family’s away on vacation, leaving her home alone. She’s adopted, which is why they treat her differently. She’s been relying on alcohol lately, and that’s when she turned into an alcoholic. I want to be able to find an addiction treatment center for her. How?

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Answer by dayanara ts
Aw, that’s so sad. It’s a good thing that your friend is still holding up despite what she has to go through. A good thing to do would be to consult a doctor or healthcare provider regarding addiction treatment centers. You can also check out the links below as they may be able to help you. I sure hope that your friend gets treated soon. It’s always tough to be dealing with something such as alcohol addiction.

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