How Can I Volunteer or Intern at a Mental Health Facility And/or at Drug Rehab Places?

Question by unhuman: How can i volunteer or intern at a mental health facility and/or at drug rehab places?
i want to want to become a drug/alcohol counselor, for a intermediate carrier goal, the certificate only takes a year or so. i been going to college for 2 yrs, and this summer i am planning on taking this summer off and no class, and i really want to do some out of the box activities that i like.

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Answer by jason
Get a resume together with references, and then go by the treatment facility you want to work at and ask to speak to their volunteer coordinator (if they have one). If they don’t, just ask to speak to the person in charge of the facility. Tell them what your interests are, what kind of needs you think you could help with at their facility, and what kind of time you would be willing to spend. It is REALLY important that you make out a schedule and you STICK TO THE SCHEDULE you make. You don’t have to do any particular amount of hours, but you do need to do what you say you’ll do. One of the biggest gripes I’ve heard from volunteer coordinators is that they can’t depend on their volunteers. volunteers think “well, it’s free, so it doesn’t matter when i come in” but remember, they are fitting you into their schedule, and sometimes these schedules are what provide stability to the patients, and is part of the treatment itself. If you say you’re going to be there for some activity, and you’re not, it can mess up everything else.

that being said, remember to treat your volunteer opportunity as IF IT WERE YOUR JOB. remember, you will be asking this person for a reference later, and any future jobs or school programs you want will be calling them to see what kind of person you are. it’s an invaluable opportunity, and i hope you get the best from it..

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