How Do You Curb a Shopping Addiction?

Question by jessa.cline: How do you curb a shopping addiction?
I have a shopping addiction. I shop when I’m mad, sad, happy, whatever. I often buy things I don’t need, and never wear them. A year later they are still in my closet with the tags still on them. I get a rush when I shop and it makes me happy- but when I get home I feel guilty about the money wasted and wish I hadn’t done it.

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Answer by elronhubbabubba
The best method is to replace it with another, more potent addiction.

For example, why not take up drinking or drugs? When you’re zoned out of your mind on heroin or crystal meth, shopping won’t even occur to you.

There’s also compulsive sex, compulsive gambling… so many to choose from. Make sure to pick the one that’s best for you, as we’re all individuals and we all have different addiction needs.

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