What Is the Cost and How Do I Get InVito?

Question by floridadisney38: What is the cost and how do I get InVito?
I am 24 and my wife is 36. We would like to have a baby and have been trying for a while. No we dont have thounds of dollars and was woundering if INS pays for some of in vitro or not? Also how does it work and what are the prices of in vitro and all that? I heard a lady with no job and gets welfare got it done. I dont need all that but how she get it done if her income was low? Ours isnt that low at all dont worry but we dont have thounds doe in vitro. Any info would be great.

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Answer by Dana L
I have no idea how that woman got IVF in her condition. I am in the midst of IVF and it is expensive. At the facility we are are using, if insurance does not cover fertility problems, IVF can be as much as $ 50,000 including all testing and blood work. Fortunately for us our insurance pays 90% which is rare.

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