How Much Has the Church of Scientology Paid in Court Settlements This Past Year?

Question by Steven: How much has the Church of Scientology paid in court settlements this past year?
Scientology seems to be bleeding money in legal cases.

Last year, Debby Cook, a former Scientology executive, testified in Texas court about physical abuse she and other members received in the Church. Scientology settled.

Last year, Paul Marrick and Greg Arnold, 2 private investigators hired by Scientology to spy on an ex-member, sued when the church allegedly didn’t pay up its part of the bargain; Scientology settled.

Now Narconon Georgia, a Scientologist drug rehab center, paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to a family who sued them after their son, a Marine Corps veteran named Patrick Desmond, died there.

How much money has Scientology paid in court settlements this past year? Do Scientologists like that the money they use to pay for “auditing” and “sec checks” is being used for legal fees and settlements? What ever happened to the good old days of Scientologists chanting “Not one thin dime for Wollersheim?”

(Wollersheim was awarded millions of dollars in a suit against Scientology in the 1980s; “Not one thin dime for Wollersheim” was a popular slogan amongst Scientologists at the time)
Fabio : “I don’t know. I never asked.
Reading an IT magazine I know that Samsung sued Apple for the infringement of patents related to wireless telecommunications technology.
Interesting isn’t it?”

No Fabio. That isn’t interesting to me at all; Upper Indoc TR Fail

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Answer by zig
depend on the country and region you are from, significant amount to NONE.

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