What Are the Effects of Internet Addiction on the Society and the World?

Question by Nightvalor: What are the effects of internet addiction on the society and the world?
In addition, what are the multiple approaches to internet addiction and what are their pros & cons?

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Answer by Seigfreid Johnis
People would be lazy to study ,dumb because they dont study anymore

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Internet Addiction Journal – #1 – I have decided to make a video journal on youtube, in order to help tackle my addiction to the internet and everything related to it. I know I cannot simply …


Back away from that cellphone — you could be Internetaddicted

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Japan's government is planning to hold Internet “fasting” camps staffed by education experts who will help children unplug from their digital devices and reconnect with reality, according to The Daily Telegraph. The action is a response to a study …
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Do you need a 'digital detox'?

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That sentiment could change on Monday, when the country's first inpatient treatment program for Internet addiction opens at Bradford Regional Medical Center in Pennsylvania. “I've been studying Internet addiction since 1994,” says Dr. Kimberly Young, …
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Better than 'busy'

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She made it sound like an addiction; something that she chose to engage in at first, maybe even enjoyed, but which eventually became an inescapable feature of life, for better or for worse. Although in this case, “for worse” might not come up in …
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