How to Get a Job at a Drug Rehab Clinic?

Question by bluebell82: How to get a job at a drug rehab clinic?
I’m very interested in getting a job at a drug rehab clinic, but I do not have a college degree. I did go to college for 4 years, but I had to drop out for financial & personal reasons. Having dealt with drug/alcohol addiction in my family, I feel like this would be a good career path to pursue. I’d like to know what kinds of jobs at these types of facilities are available to people without a degree. If anyone has any serious information, that would be great.

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Answer by Narconon
I might be able to help you with that but you have to call Narconon. There are many Narconon centers in the US and around the world so the chances are that there will be one not too far. But even if you think it is too far this would be the adventure of your life time.

First, Narconon is not a traditional rehab for many reasons: It is scientific, holistic (meaning that it takes into account the whole person and his problems), it is natural, does not use or prescribe drugs at any time, does not use any psychology or psychiatric methods (no drugs, evaluations, hypnosis or group therapy, etc.), you get the best detox in the world and the best training to handle not only addictions but to confront life and handle communication, people and situations.

Second, you get the best detox in the world. You can go to its webpages before calling to get a job so that you know what I’m talking about and to be prepared if they ask you questions. I recommend to call directly to the Narconon Arrowhead, which is the International training center (go to the links below).

Third, you get the best education about addiction, drugs, how to handle addiction and addicts, and many self improvement courses that are not given in school but that maybe should be part of every school curriculum.

I am one of the thousands of recovered addicts thanks to the Narconon program. I used drugs for over 15 years and I have been clean for over 20 years now.

So, go to their web pages, study them and then call them.

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