What Are the First Steps in Controlling My Food Addiction?

Question by NINTENDO: What are the first steps in controlling my food addiction?
I have food addiction. It started when I was a child . My mother would feed me fatty food as a reward for finishing my studies.
As I grew up , anytime I did something related to working hard or studying, I would eat like crazy . Yesterday I had a shrimp basket with fried sweet plantains and chicken with rice from the street vendor .
That’s just yesterday. I been eating junk food for the past 3-4 weeks . Let me put it this way. Whenever I finish a hard project, I have to have Junk Food.

I am on a mission now and all this food addiction is messing up my mission and the health of my body. What’s the first step in putting a stop to this atrocity?

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Answer by Brooke Deemer
When you go to get food put it on a plate and only eat that much or before you eat drink water because sometimes when it seems like your hungry your really thirsty.

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