How Would You Help a Teenager Break Marijuana Addiction?

Question by Queen: How would you help a teenager break marijuana addiction?

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Answer by Dan[In]Distress
give em crack instead

lol im jk i’m not evil or anything

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Marijuana Addiction – In this video, Dave Marlon, president of Solutions Recovery offers his take on the upcoming marijuana bill in the Nevada Legislature. For comments, questions…


Marijuana Legalization Town Hall Meeting tonight

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Dr. Potter served as the National Project Director for the CTN Prescription Opioid Addiction Treatment Study (POATS), the largest multisite clinical trial ever conducted to examine treatment of prescription opioid dependence in individuals with and …
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East Texas police grapple for solution to synthetic marijuana problem

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… Street in Longview. The Glass Dragon, which has three locations in Longview, is one of several area businesses that sells synthetic marijuana products. …. Addiction set in quickly, he said, and his habit soon grew to about $ 150 per day. “People …
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Legalizing marijuana will not improve our country

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Dr. Christian Thurstone, society president and youth addiction researcher at the University of Colorado-Denver, observed that his clinic has been inundated with young people reporting for marijuana-addiction treatment. Is legalizing marijuana going to …
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