My Girlfriend Is a Danger to Herself and Others Help Me?

Question by BEEFKAKE: My girlfriend is a danger to herself and others help me?
I recently found out my girlfriend is addicted to crystal meth. How do I go about getting a court to declare her a danger to herself and others so she can enter a state funded rehab center. We live in los angeles

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Answer by Eric
You’ll have to have law enforcement step in. She’ll be arrested and put on Prop 36 by the courts, where she’ll be mandated to attend classes and rehab.

Otherwise she can’t be put in a program against her will.

What you wrote “is a danger to herself and others” is the criteria for meeting a 5150 (72 hour psych hold). Drugs cannot be weighed there. If drugs are involved, it would be an arrest with a 5150 hold at the jail if shes suicidal.

Either way, it ends up being a criminal matter for the courts to help out with.

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