What Are the Benefits of Substance Abuse Treatment?

Question by aubrie s: What are the benefits of substance abuse treatment?
I mean, aside from the fact that it would get to treat an individual and make him sober again. It’s just that addiction treatments cost so much that I was just wondering if it’s really worth it.

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Answer by alissa dp
Look at it this way: when you enter a person into a substance abuse treatment program, you would be giving that one person another chance to better his life. If he does succeed in recovering from his substance abuse problem, that’s one person that will be able to resume his productivity and be of help to society. Besides, think of the money that an addict spends for the drugs he consumes. There are times wherein an addict is so desperate to get drugs that he is practically forced to steal just so he could appease his craving. If that addict is then treated for his addiction, then he wouldn’t have to spend so much on drugs and there would also be less violence. Though treatment programs for substance abusers may be costly, I think it’s all worth it.

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