Spokane County Jail Is Overcrowded and Falling Apart

Spokane County Jail is overcrowded and falling apart

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That's when a series of alternative programs were implemented to reduce the jail crowding, including specialized treatment courts for people with mental health or drug problems. This helped drop the inmate population to around 700 in 2010. The numbers …
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Drug Court seeing its share of success stories

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After 322 days in jail, awaiting trial for a series of property crimes, Daniel Reagles, 28, had just been accepted into the Drug Treatment Court through a plea deal. His attorney said she had been working to get him into the program for nearly a year.
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Gavin Stephens: A double life

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The same person who had organized a playground build for children in the community and helped others during a church mission trip to Peru was part of a violent May 18, 2013, incident stemming from a drug deal. Police said Gavin Stephens duct taped the …
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