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My Journey From Homeless Drug Addict to Magna Cum Laude

My Journey From Homeless Drug Addict To Magna Cum Laude

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I did my time and, with the help of my family, I was paroled into a residential treatment center. The day I walked in was truly the first day of the rest of my life. My mind was ready to embrace the idea of a second chance. At a 12-step meeting at the …
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How we can fight the prescription drug abuse epidemic

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Christians: What Would Jesus Do in This Situation?

Question by blue moon: Christians: What would Jesus do in this situation?
Basically my best friend is a drug addict and hes in jail and is still using drugs in there as well which I just found out. Should I tell his family hes doing drugs in jail because they keep giving him so much money and hes using it for drugs, I know this. Also, would Jesus still be his friend and stand by him & help him to get clean?
Or would Jesus cut ties with him?

Please give scripture to back your answer.

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Should Convicted Rapists Be Allowed to Live in a Halfway House for Recovering Addicts?

Question by ??????? Mrs. Moses ???????: Should convicted rapists be allowed to live in a halfway house for recovering addicts?
A close male member of my immediate family currently lives in a halfway house, after completing a 28-day drug addiction in-patient treatment program. He has lived in the house, which holds a maximum of 13 men, for 5 months now, and will have completed the 6 month program very soon. It is important to him for personal and legal reasons that he stay living in the house until he completes the program. He is serious about his recovery, and has been working hard to change his old behaviors, ways of thinking, and coping mechanisms. He does everything he is supposed to do, including regularly attending NA meetings, keeping with the house rules, and being open about his thoughts, feelings, fears, etc. All in all, he is really on the right path for lifelong recovery. Recently a man in his late 40’s moved into the house. We will call him “James.” Shortly after James moved into the house, another resident was checking the Maryland sex offender registry, out of curiosity, to see how many sex offenders were living close by. He then made the shocking discovery that James was registered. He wasn’t extremely troubled until he read the details. James is registered as a “Sexually Violent Offender” and his charge is listed as Rape: 2nd Degree. My relative and I looked up James on the Maryland Judiciary Case Search for more detail on his charges. This is what we found:

If Michael Vick Comes Back This Year?

Question by adksjfkjfeowkiqewoiork: if michael vick comes back this year?
what team will he play for? places that pop up immediately is oakland, kansas city possibly, detroit, and seattle

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Answer by ilovebobsaget2
I’d hope that no team would be stupid enough to pick him. Besides the fact that he hasnt been playing since he’s been in prison, he doesn’t deserve a second chance.

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Why Is It Up to Addicts to Choose to Go to Detox?

Question by Kimbo: Why is it up to addicts to choose to go to detox?
It dosent add up to me. Drug addicts are ADDICTED to illegal drugs. Why send thses people to jail, where they will get no treatment and will likely have acces to drugs while incarcerated? I think when a person is arrested for drug usage, they should be sent to a state funded rehab clinic until they are clean. Oh and no walking out or being thrown out, this is the punishment as well as the cure. That way, hopwfully, some of these people canhave a second chance. Well thats my view anyway.

Help Me I Violated Probation I Am a Minor. I Dont Know What to Do Will I Get Violation for Faild Test Thc Help

Question by Brad M: help me i violated probation i am a minor. i dont know what to do will i get violation for faild test thc help
i live in MA im 16 and i was put on probation 1yeah go 4a stolen bike. i violated probation for not doing all my community service. then before i went to court i got arrested for my ten year old friend lit a match and dropped it in the trash can. i was with him so i got charged with a misdmnr(willful burning of property under 25$ ) but i was arrested and sent to jail for 1 night. court next day my attorney said that i cud go to a 6 month treatment program so i went there also i went to a 21 day drug rehab. then and now im home i have court tuesday. i just failed a drug test for thc there was only a little bit thc in it. i told my PO that i was in a car with people who were smoking and i didnt know but it appeared there was not much in my system because i dilluted my urin . now i think i have 2 violation my parents lawyer are saying that i go to this other stupid treatment program for a year or i go to jail till im 18 is there any way to not go to either wat kind of lawyer do i need to d