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Is the Detox Process at Harbour Village Florida Really Useful ?

Question by Damian: Is the Detox Process at Harbour village florida really useful ?

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Answer by Brad Heyden
A safe, effective way for an addict to recover is to check in to a detox center like Harbor Village where he/she can recover through a medically supervised drug or alcohol treatment program. When starting this detox center program the specialists will evaluate your problems and start the appropriate treatment.

Addictions treated at Harbor Village include:

Cocaine addiction
Prescription medication addiction
Crystal Meth addiction
Heroin addiction
Opiate addiction
Marijuana addiction
Alcohol addiction
Sexual Addiction
Video Game Addiction
Family Conflict

One of My Friends Is Struggling With Marijuana Addiction. This Addiction Is Crushing Our Relationship.?

Question by IsabellaHunter: One of my friends is struggling with marijuana addiction. This addiction is crushing our relationship.?
One of my friends is struggling with marijuana addiction. This addiction is crushing our relationship. My friends and I don’t know what to do.
What should I do in this situation? I am a resident of Loma Linda, California.

Any assist would be greatly appreciated.

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Answer by Miles1981
Try locating drug rehabilitation medical centers in or close to your region. Resource sites centered on your state can also help. Find some free assistance on how to start helping your friend

Where Can I Find a Doctor in and or Near Michigan City or LaPorte, in That Prescribes Suboxone?

Question by jenna: Where can I find a doctor in and or near Michigan City or LaPorte, IN that prescribes suboxone?
It’s for opiate addiction. Doctors can become licensed to prescribe it.

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Answer by Halema
All medical doctors are qualified to prescribe medicines. Some medicines require hospitalization to dispense it. You want to find a doctor in the phone book that specializes in substance abuse addictions. Or you can call a substance abuse hotline in MIcity and they should be able to refer you. You might have to go into south bend or merrillville for the right doctor, though. Maybe even into Munster. The docs in Munster usually are on staff in Chicago, so that might be better for you. Just don’t go to a place called Confidential Care in Dyer/St. John. Those doctors there are just for making the money, nothing else.

I Am Additcted to Marijuana, What Are Some Specific Treatements Offered for This Affliction?

Question by Joekenorer: I am additcted to marijuana, what are some specific treatements offered for this affliction?
And I don’t mean opinions, I mean facts. What do treatment centers ACTUALLY DO for someone admitting themselves for marijuana addiction?

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Answer by Ashley G
Just stop you are hurting your self and others what are you thinking get theropy

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Can My Husband Still Recover From His Drug Addiction?

Question by allie: Can my husband still recover from his drug addiction?
I’m starting to lose hope. My husband is addicted to pot. After months of negotiation, he finally agreed to enter a drug rehab and recieve treatment. The thing is, I don’t think any program works for him. He just finished his second treatment program and I don’t think it made any changes. He still smokes pot. Do I have to ask him to enter another drug rehab? Do I have to finally give up on him?

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How Does Being Bipolar Affect Your Romantic Relationships and Dating?

Question by Chris: How does being bipolar affect your romantic relationships and dating?
My date, 16, is extremely bipolar, but takes Seroquil which seems to work.

In addition to being bipolar, my date also has ADD, Anxiety, Fear of Failure, and also just completed rehab for marijuana addiction.

My date also just completed 3 months in foster care becuase the bio mom was addicted to drugs.

What are some of the complications I can expect dealing with ALL these psychological issues.

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