What Are Some Unique Therapy Groups for Adults?

Question by Vice: What are some unique therapy groups for adults?
I work in an adult residential drug rehab facility for women as a mental health counselor. What are some unique or creative ideas for groups I can hold for the residents? There are already groups for DBT, seeking safety, coping w/triggers anger management, body image, yoga, and domestic violence. I am having difficulty thinking of helpful and creative issues for which to start up a group.

Any suggestions? If so, what type of activities would it involve?


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Answer by Mal
You could start a group for people who live alone and don’t have close friends to back them up when life takes a turn for the worst. When bad things happen, just having a friend who gives a damn can prevent a person from resorting to drugs. You can start by having group members share experiences, maybe throw in a few icebreakers to get them to open up.

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