How to Beat a DMV Hearing for DUI?

Question by Randy: how to beat a DMV hearing for DUI?
how to peraper for a hearing?what do i need to know?

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Answer by jetmecslady
They probably have you on tape. Tell the truth. Get an Attorney. Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time. Had a friend who is really sorry for doing what she did. She did not think she was drunk but the tapes they got while she was being arrested, left no doubt. If you lie, it will get worse. Good luck and I hope you get a designated driver if you are going out.

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One Response to How to Beat a DMV Hearing for DUI?

  • roger says:

    your not getting the picture its not about you beating anything. Its about a discussion on why they should let you keep your license, and not suspend it. There are two types of hearings one is the informal hearing where some information has come to the dmv attention, and they are not yet sure what exactly the problem is, or there may be some confusion or they do not know all of the details.
    In order for you to keep your license you need to look like mr respectable, and I mean dress like your going to church get a short haircut like normal people , the whole nine yards (hair will grow back.
    The second type of hearing is the Formal hearing (what does the letter you have say? A formal hearing is a lot different, this means they have some information and have made a decision however based on what you say or how you answer thier questions I hope you have looked into or alre already in outpatient treatment and going to AA meetings , becasue likely you will not like what they are going to tell you. best of luck.
    License is hard to get back. If you have been arrested for dui and have not been convicted yet this is a fishing expedition on the dmv part. I have been through this because I went to treatment, and in the process of straightening out my life went to the dmv to change address and stupidly told them it was a drug program with out thinking they sent me a letter like what you probably got and things went from there.
    that was in 1979 I suggest that you need to be honest with yourself an others from this point on, Once you get arrested for a dui you have now proven that you have a alcohol problem despite what you think, and no matter what you want to do, let me tell you what the judge is going to make you do after things progress with the case the next several months. They do not play around any more, and if you want to walk away from this with your butt and license in the same place, I suggest you get started NOW with some changes in your life. stop drinking is the first one. If you are one of those macho guys who say I can quit anytime, ” fine, do it now. Then set up an outpatient treatment plan If you are working you have to pay for this, and do this after work as the treatment center directs. A whole bunch of people will be making SUGGESTIONS just like I am here, nothing personal, no insult intended I am trying to help by giving you the benefit of 30 hard won years of experience. I suggest you put your attitude away for a while and look at everything you need to do as a suggestion. If you get upset and explode and cause more chaos and destruction in your life the only one hurt is you. If you have started a outpatient treatment and start going to AA meetings 3 to 5 times a week asap you are going to be way ahead of all the other suckers who go to court with you for that dui. I used to speak at victims panels in the stat of Washington. I opened clean an sober houses , I went to court and had judges releasing people who meet the criteria into my custody ( I never liked that part. I was forced to go into the jail personally through three sets of automatic locked steel doors that always slammed loudly, a sound you never forget. just to get these guys released to my custody.
    I have been in front of judges , prosecutors, probation officers , parole officers talking about what it was like to be on the other side some thing they never had to go through So I know what is likely to happen next to you is why I bring this up. Most states fine you heavily, make out patient treatment a court order. and set you up on deferral of some kind so if you make it through all the crap you are not going to like it will not end up on your record.
    This is your chance ace, no more ” getting out of something ” no more ” beating the system” that’s over for you. Decide right now what do you want to be? continue on a path of self destruction and get scraped off the highway after you black out,pass out and crash at high speed? Fold the car in half around the pole with you in it? Or the man who accepted reality decided as a man enough is enough and deserves better (as well as your friends and family also would love to see the man you used to be?) you better have some positive plan like I suggested because this is what let me keep my license The fact that I had enrolled in treatment, went to meetings , stayed sober and went back to work as a productive member of society. Its your life, your choice Alcohol is the spiraling downward path to death and loss and pain and suffering, The other direction is a new found love of life without alcohol and drugs. best of luck.

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