What Are Your Thoughts on Living a Life Without Drugs/alcohol?

Question by i’llplaythebluesforyou: What are your thoughts on living a life without drugs/alcohol?
I have a history of drug abuse and alcoholism in my family. I’m king of skeptical about getting involved in anything. But i guess everything in moderation right?

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Answer by tuki
don’t do drugs just because they are incredibly hard to impossible to do moderately. I assume grass is not a huge deal but I’d still avoid it, you might love the feeling and then one day when you feel down you want something stronger, you move onto another drug and there you get into a terrible cycle that carries you with it down very low.

Alcohol is quite alright imo once a week or so, don’t make it a habit of drinking every day because then you become dependant on the alcohol, but if you do it once a week or even twice you’ll probably not get addicted so it’s alright.

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