Will an Alcoholic Who Has Been Through Rehab and Stopped Drinking, Still Be Eligible for a Liver Transplant?

Question by Genna: Will an alcoholic who has been through rehab and stopped drinking, still be eligible for a liver transplant?
Also, will that person need to stop using pain meds before becoming eligible for a transplant too? Any idea what the minimum amount of time is needed for them to remain sober before being placed on the list?

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Answer by ask and you shall receive
I don’t know- but you can google- alpha lipoic acid IV treatment. Read up on it-
it cures and regrows the liver. There is a MD in New Mexico who has great success
with this and patients fly in there from all over. He has about a year wait list, last time
I heard, so the “alcoholic” should make an appt with this Dr. now.

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