What Sites Would Be Good for Research for My Book?

Question by Jaidee: What sites would be good for research for my book?
One of the books I’m writing is about a girl who has to watch as her sister falls into drug addiction. So I was jsut wondering what sites, apart from Talk to Frank, would be good to try and figure out how it would affect her, as well as her sister and the rest of her family – especially because I’m uncertain as to whether I’m going to do multiple character’s POVs.

Please and thank you in advance for any help!
Thanks so far, everyone, for the answers – I really appreciate any bit of help you guys can give me. I’ll try and answer any questions you guys have on here too, just to say thanks!

Clyde: Unfortunately I wouldn’t like to perform that experiment either as I don’t want to risk being addicted and also my parents would definitely say no. But thanks anyway!

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Answer by Cazz *McFly Pioneer*
Why don’t you watch tv programmes about drug addiction? They usually research in to it before making a programme about it…
Maybe if you know somebody who used to be addicted to drugs or know somebody who do you can talk to them.

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