Why Is Alcohol Legal but Most Drugs Aren’t?

Question by : Why is alcohol legal but most drugs aren’t?
I personally enjoy marijuana and MDMA on occasion. I have not tried any other drugs, so I am only going to talk about these two since I know the most about them. Here are some facts.

Alcohol is physically addictive and frequent and excessive drinking can create a physical dependency. Marijuana and MDMA are not addictive and no physical dependency is possible.

Alcohol abuse makes people violent and can lead to abuse, rape, etc. Marijuana users like to sit at home, watch movies, and eat snacks (not harmful to anyone!). MDMA users like to dance a lot and hug inanimate objects (also not harmful to anyone!)

Recorded Marijuana related deaths in the history of history = 0
“Statistics culled from the United States and the United Kingdom report only 7 ecstasy-related deaths per million users of the drug. This is an interesting figure whtn compared to the 625 alcohol-related deaths per million drinkers that occur each year.”

So please tell me, where is the logic in all of this? Why is alcohol legal almost everywhere, Marijuana only legal in a few places around the world, and MDMA legal NOWHERE!? WHY!?

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Answer by Justin
tax on alcohol=big revenue

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