86779.1kg of Cannabis Destroyed in Akure

86779.1kg Of Cannabis Destroyed In Akure

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The command seized 51,092.95kg of cannabis from drug barons and counselled 65 persons with drug abuse problem. … Giade noted that statistics of destroyed drug exhibits in the State is a wakeup call for stakeholders to further intensify control efforts.
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Prescription Drug Abuse Increases on US Campuses

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Statistics show that prescription drug abuse is a national problem. Officials from multiple government agencies have said they are working to curtail the increasing problem through education, budget cuts and additional programs in states across the nation.
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Town Hall Meeting on Underage Alcohol Use

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Parents were hit with some pretty staggering statistics by a representative of the Drug Enforcement Administration. Jason Capstraw, Resident Agent in Charge of Mobile, said 60 percent of abused prescription drug use happens in the home. “If you are …
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