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Wes Bentley Interview: My Mission of Recovery After Nearly a Decade Lost to Drugs

Wes Bentley interview: My mission of recovery after nearly a decade lost to drugs

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As painful as it was to be apart from his young son, he spent most of 2012 making back-to-back movies. He got the Terrence Malick experience on the upcoming Knight of Cups, opposite Christian Bale (“I hope I'm in it,” he jokes, knowing of the director …
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Russell Brand remembers the “magical” time he used a prostitute as a teenager

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Whats the Addiction Rate for Cocaine?

Question by : Whats the addiction rate for cocaine?
I doing a study in school about the dangers of drugs

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Answer by Abbssss
According to a study of 1081 US residents aged over 11 years who had used cocaine for the first time within 24 months prior to assessment, the risk of becoming cocaine-dependent within 2 years of first use (recent-onset) is 5-6%; after 10 years, it increases to 15-16%. These are the aggregate rates for all types of use considered, i.e., smoking, snorting, injecting. Among recent-onset users, the relative rates are higher for smoking (3.4 times) and much higher for injecting. They also vary, based on other characteristics, such as sex: among recent-onset users, women are 3.3 times more likely to become addicted, compared to men; age: among recent-onset users, those who started using at ages 12 or 13 were 4 times as likely to become addicted, compared to those who started between ages 18 and 20.

How Can I Need to Get Ahold of Nikki Sixx?

Question by : How can i need to get ahold of nikki sixx?
Im a heroine user and i want to quit. And i need to talk to someone whos been through it all. And nikki sixx came to mind. Plz if you know how to get ahold of him plz let me know. Or if you can help me.

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Answer by Bunhash
I don’t know him nor how to get ahold of him, but you should look for a rehab center.


86779.1kg of Cannabis Destroyed in Akure

86779.1kg Of Cannabis Destroyed In Akure

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The command seized 51,092.95kg of cannabis from drug barons and counselled 65 persons with drug abuse problem. … Giade noted that statistics of destroyed drug exhibits in the State is a wakeup call for stakeholders to further intensify control efforts.
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Prescription Drug Abuse Increases on US Campuses

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Statistics show that prescription drug abuse is a national problem. Officials from multiple government agencies have said they are working to curtail the increasing problem through education, budget cuts and additional programs in states across the nation.
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Do You Think ADHD Is Child Abuse?

Question by PETER F: Do you think ADHD is child abuse?
Do you think it constitutes child abuse to stigmatise and burden children with unneccessary labels and give them powerful, often dangerous drugs often against their will and use them as scapegoats? Do you think this WHOLE business entails child abuse?

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Answer by rose_merrick
no, I don’t think it is abuse. I think it is over- rated nonsense

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How Can Suboxtin Help Me With Drug Addiction ?

Question by MICHELE M: How can Suboxtin help me with drug addiction ?
how save s suboxtin in helping with drug addiction ?

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Answer by playground.love
Suboxtin or Suboxone (buprenorphine and naloxone) is used to treat opiate addiction… basically the drug itself is an opioid… Buprenorphine is the opioid and Naloxone blocks the effects of other opioids. The reason they use it even though it’s an opioid (it’s addictive) they believe it’s easier to quit than heroin, morphine, codeine etc. It doesn’t give you the same pleasant symptoms that people crave from those kinds of drugs, so they believe that’s why it’s easier to stop taking. So they switch you from whatever drug, onto this drug… then eventually get you off that drug. Because most people find it too intense to try and quit things like heroin cold turkey