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Drug Addiction Treatment Center Can Help People or Not?

Question by : Drug addiction treatment center can help people or not?

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Answer by Artista
Yes definitely, you can get over an addiction and detox and a program will help, ESPECIALLY if it is a 12 step or bible based program . That demon will leave if you resist it, But he likes to come back, so get into the word of God and start praying and truly be set free like me. I was battling but now its all gone..Look to the cross, Call upon Jesus, Repent. Ask Him to help. He has never ever let me down.
May God bless you.

Can You Feel Compassion for a Drug Dealer?

Question by Manny R: Can you feel compassion for a drug dealer?
everyone on this sites seems to hate dealers as if they were the devil himself. I’m from Roxbury MA (part of Boston) and a lot of the kids in my HS deal but because they’re families are living in poverty or don’t care for their children and drug money is the only way for them to get decent food, clothes, and support for their siblings. One side of me hates dealers because they bring down the community but another side feels sorry for the teenager living in degradation who feels like it’s hopelss. Any opinions?

Who Was the 2005 Residential Manager of the Men’s Program at Lytton Springs?

Question by : who was the 2005 residential manager of the men’s program at lytton springs?

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Answer by akm
Leilani Palmieri, once head of the program at Lytton Springs, said methamphetamine addict Stephen Watson — who completed the six-month program just weeks before — seemed trustworthy enough to be given keys to Salvation Army vehicles and oversee his own drug testing.

She was surprised when Watson commandeered a van with six other recovering addicts, got drunk in Santa Rosa bars and then beat three men who were walking down a street.

Why Is Alcohol Legal but Most Drugs Aren’t?

Question by : Why is alcohol legal but most drugs aren’t?
I personally enjoy marijuana and MDMA on occasion. I have not tried any other drugs, so I am only going to talk about these two since I know the most about them. Here are some facts.

Alcohol is physically addictive and frequent and excessive drinking can create a physical dependency. Marijuana and MDMA are not addictive and no physical dependency is possible.

Alcohol abuse makes people violent and can lead to abuse, rape, etc. Marijuana users like to sit at home, watch movies, and eat snacks (not harmful to anyone!). MDMA users like to dance a lot and hug inanimate objects (also not harmful to anyone!)

Spokane County Jail Is Overcrowded and Falling Apart

Spokane County Jail is overcrowded and falling apart

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That's when a series of alternative programs were implemented to reduce the jail crowding, including specialized treatment courts for people with mental health or drug problems. This helped drop the inmate population to around 700 in 2010. The numbers …
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Drug Court seeing its share of success stories

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Where in Boston Mass I Can Get a Hair Drug Test ?

Question by : Where in Boston mass I can get a hair drug test ?

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Answer by postal p
Test Country
319 Longwood Ave
Boston,Ma 02115
15 Court Sq
Boston, MA 02108

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call at 800-656-0745

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