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Support for New Moms Now Available in Prescott Area

Support for new moms now available in Prescott area

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First Things First Parent Awareness and Community Outreach Coordinator Claire Louge will often speak to groups in the county about the links between stressful childhood experiences, particularly in early childhood and including physical abuse, neglect …
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St. Mary Parish Daily Arrest Report

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Are Certain Types of Adolescents Prone to Drug Abuse?

Question by marie: are certain types of adolescents prone to drug abuse?
Are certain “types” of adolescents more prone to drug abuse than others?

I need websites or answers?

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Why Do People Who Take Drugs Skin Get All Nasty?

Question by -??? ????-: why do people who take drugs skin get all nasty?
I’m doing this project in health and I really want to know what I’m talking about when I get up there. Mine is over Prescription Drug Abuse. And I have this picture of a before and after picture of a girl who abused it. Her face is all scabby and eyes are bloodshot. Can someone give me a logical answer on why it’s that way? Thanks.

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Answer by russian cossack
Because their skin is crawling.

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If Cps Is Called on a Sunday, Will They Respond on Monday?

Question by none: If cps is called on a sunday, will they respond on monday?
Cps is not open on weekends, so as an alternative you can file a report to child abuse hotline. which i did, and they said they will file it with Cps. Does anyone know if cps will get the kids on monday or will it take longer?

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How Much Has the Church of Scientology Paid in Court Settlements This Past Year?

Question by Steven: How much has the Church of Scientology paid in court settlements this past year?
Scientology seems to be bleeding money in legal cases.

Last year, Debby Cook, a former Scientology executive, testified in Texas court about physical abuse she and other members received in the Church. Scientology settled.

Last year, Paul Marrick and Greg Arnold, 2 private investigators hired by Scientology to spy on an ex-member, sued when the church allegedly didn’t pay up its part of the bargain; Scientology settled.

What Is an Example of an Operational Definition? in Sociology. for Ex the Operational Definition of Bullying?

Question by Christina: what is an example of an operational definition? in sociology. for ex the operational definition of bullying?
i have to write a reflection paper about my life and include 5 social problems including operational definitions for those… i was thinking using bullying, mental illness, drug abuse, physical abuse and cant think of one last one. but could someone help with the operational definitions for those?

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Answer by gershom t
operational definition is how you define these concepts such as bullying, mental illness, drug abuse, physical abuse.